Course Topic – Pentatonic Scales




Ingrid Jensen




Course Topic – Pentatonic (b2) Scales

12 Courses

Each Course is designed to be studied for approximately 12 – 15 hours

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From my own experience as a student and teacher, I understand the difficulty of learning the scale/chord aspect of improvising. The fear this creates is then greatly increased when you realise the time scales involved, when learning and then practically applying this, on your instrument.

So…..I would like to draw your attention to 1 particular unique approach that I use here with regard to the theory of scales and chords (harmony).

In a nutshell, this approach refines the information to its simplest and most understandable form.

The main difference of this approach to your harmonic development stems from the idea of learning 5 note scales, as CHORD SHAPES, as your initial approach…..not 7 note scales.

The reason……By learning three, 5 note scales in the 12 keys i.e.: 36 scales, we can create most of the common chords.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the courses below to see how.



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