Lesson 3 – Chord Sequence 1 – Part 1

General Information

Studying this lesson will improve:


Your ability to play with a swing feel

Your knowledge of pentatonic scales and chords

Your knowledge of 7 and 8 note scales

Your listening skills

Your reading skills


Chord Sequence





OK, now we will look at some of the 7 and 8 note scales that we can use.

Follow the attachment links for more information.


Improvise on bars 1 – 4, using combinations of these 7 and 8 note scales.








Try the following scales as an alternative to the F- Dorian Mode

F Aeolian ModeF   G   Ab   Bb   C   Db   Eb   F

F Harmonic Minor ScaleF   G   Ab   Bb   C   Db   E   F

We can combine these to form a ‘hybrid’ 8 note scale that can be played over the entire 4 bars:-

F   G   Ab   Bb   C   Db   Eb   E   F



Listen to the whole chord sequence of this tune, notice the repeated 8 bar ‘A’ sections and the Bridge, (B).

Now follow the piano score.

Start the playback of the track from random points and aim to be able to identify the movement of the chord sequence.



Listen to my saxophone solo transcription (video) – see if you can work out some of the scales that I am using.



This whole AABA sequence is from a well known standard. Which one?

Which other compositions have used the same harmonic sequence?



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