Lesson 1 – Chord Sequence 1 – Part 1

General Information

Studying this lesson will improve:


Your ability to play with a swing feel

Your knowledge of pentatonic scales and chords

Your knowledge of 7 and 8 note scales

Your listening skills

Your reading skills


Chord Sequence




This course explores Part 1 (the 1st 4 Bars) of this chord sequence:


The form of this tune is AABA

A = 8 bars, B = 8 bars

In this lesson we will concentrate on the A section.

In this tune the A sections are identical, we will look at the first 4 bars of the A sections.




Part 2 focuses on bars

Part 3 focuses on bars

Part 4 focuses on bars




First, follow the attachment link for more information about II V7 I chord progressions.

Bars 1 to 4

This sequence of chords is a II – V7 – I in the key of F minor.

The G-7b5 is the II chord, the C7b13b9 is the V7 chord, the F- is the I chord.



Improvise freely over the sequence.

At this stage forget about the theory, just let your intuition help you to find the notes that sound and feel good.

Just try to be aware of when the sequence starts, ends and repeats.